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ATLís King Swag of Blue Legacy


Blue Pitbull


  • Swag, AKA The Franchise is a phenom. He comes to us by way of California, from our good friend JC of Blue Legacy Pits. He is pictured at 13 and still growing daily. He has bone for days, and is only going to get thicker and wider as he matures. Swag is still a puppy. As with his daddy, Swag is the total package, head, chest, bones and muscle mass. Swag is the prime example of beauty and the beast. He is hands down one of the best looking XXL BULLIES IMO. He is definitely the new Beast of the East.
  • Stud fee to approved females $4000.
  • Son of Xtreme Bullies Comet

ATLís King Diesel Aka Machavelli


    Blue / Blue Nose Pit Bull


    King Diesel is our Foundation Male. If your looking for the perfect conformationally correct Bully, Diesel is the stud for you. He is out of one the premier studs in the entire world, in Caesar. Jewell is the dame of Diesel and she too has proven to be a top producer. In my opinion Diesel is the perfect Bully Cross 50% OG Greyline / 50% Razorís Edge.  He is very ripped up, and full of drive. . Also, has proven himself as a true producer.

  • Son of Caesar
  • Grandson of Notorious Juan Gotti
  • Open to approved Females: $2500

ATLís King Malaki of central coast


  • Blue / Blue Nose Pitbull
  • King Malaki is our most athletic male. At 18 months, he is a solid 94 lbs. Malaki has that XXL Blood running all throughout his veins.  Malaki comes to us by way of California. A product of Central Coast Pit Bulls. Malaki is 50% OG Greyline / Watchdog / Powerlines.  He should have a  24-25Ē head, He will defiantly have tons of muscle tone (from Iron Tyson). Malaki has a very laid back temperament (until he is given the alert command), great with kids, and just loves to cuddle up with anyone.  Stay tuned and watch this boy grow.
  • Open to approved females: $2000 Grandson of Iron Tyson

ATLíS King Of The South aka Max


  • Max, AKA The King of the South is what Swags legacy is all about. Max was produced right here out of King Swag and Queen Layla. He is pictured at 9 months and still growing daily. Max has that signature look anout him, and he knows he is the man. As with his Swag, Max is the total package, head, chest, bone and muscle mass. Although Max is as bully as they come, he is very athletic and has serious drive. He is will be opened up at an introductory $2000 stud fee for a limited time.
  • Stud Fee to approved females: $2000 
  • Son of Atl King Pits King Swag