Welcome To ATL King Pits

Who We Are

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About Us

My name is Sean Bailey and I am the owner of ATL KING PITS. Growing up I was extremely passionate about two things outside of God and Family and those two things were dogs and football. I have been very fortunate to pursue both of passions from childhood to present day. I was a high school All-American Wide Receiver that was fortunate enough to gain a scholarship to the University of Georgia. After college, I signed with the Kansas City Chiefs and played in the NFL for two years. Currently, I’m able to stay involved with the game by being the director of football camps for one of my businesses and I also am a community coach of my local 8th grade football team.

As with Football, I gravitated to dogs as a youngster. My parents raised and bred German Shepherds. At an early age I was in the whelping box helping deliver the puppies, socializing them, and then starting the early imprinting on them prior to them going to their forever homes.
In college, the vision of ATL KING PITS was formed. After years and years of research, I decided to get my first pit bull. I was able to convince a good friend of mine to get a female that I felt like would compliment my male both on paper and in the flesh. During the summer months, when I had some time off from football, I would travel the country going from these big kennels that idolized forming relationship and gaining wisdom and knowledge. I started a foster program that would allow me to hand pick my best pups and place them in loving homes as pets, while allowing me to grow my breeding program.
Today 10 years later, Atl King Pit Kennels is one of the world’s premier Bully breeders. We have hundreds of dogs throughout the world with ATL in front of their name. Our dogs are companions, protectors, service dogs, and loyal best friends. Numerous ATL females have been the foundation for other breeders. Numerous ATL males are heavily used for studs around the world and they have produced dogs that are are getting used in ongoing breeding programs. Consistent, successful, high demand American Bullies from the first to the last breeding.