ATL’s Home Environment

What Sets Us Apart From Other Pitbull Breeders

What of the things that really sets us apart from our competitors is the true love we have for each everyone of our dogs. Our dogs are family members first, and part of our breeding program second. I created a foster program which allowed me to hold back and place some of the best pups from many of breedings and place them in loving home environments. The foster program is a win for the dog, for the foster family, and for my breeding program. The dog gets to grow up in a family and be spoiled as a house pet, where most breeding dogs grow up in an outside kennel with little interaction with people. It’s a win for the foster family because they get a world-class pit bull puppy for free. In return they provide a loving home environment, and allow me to have breeding rights of the dogs, when they are old enough. For my breeding program, I get to continue my gene pool and hand select the best of the best without feeling pressure to breed a certain dog. It gives me the peace of mind that all of my dogs are loved and get to enjoy life.
Because of my foster program, I only keep 3-5 dogs at my house. All of my dogs are house dogs that are completely house broken with a minimum of basic obedience. I have over an acre fenced in backyard. I have two separate runs, a puppy play area, and a large common area. I also have a 1500 square foot area in the home that is dedicated just to the dogs.
Again, we are big believers in the dogs being family first!!!!