ATL King Pits’ Pitbull Puppy Program

The goal of ATL KING PITS breeding program is to produce high quality dogs that have no health issues and well balance temperaments suited for all types of lifestyles.

The AKP Puppy Program is designed to prepare the dogs with the correct health, genetics and temperament for the transition into his/her new environment.

These puppies begin their training at 3 days of age by being introduced to Bio-Sensor Stressing and human interaction. The Bio-Sensor Stressing continues everyday from day 3 to day 18. Beginning around day 10 when the puppies’ eyes and ears are beginning to open, they are exposed to many noises and visual stimuli.

By 21 days of age they are introduced to many small obstacles that must be negotiated each day to reach their food and water bowls.

From 3 to 5 weeks as they become more agile, the difficulty of the obstacles and noise stressing increases. They spend several short sessions a day in the indoor training room playing on many different surfaces and obstacles. They eat three times a day at this age and each meal is awarded only after an obstacle, or series of obstacles have been successfully negotiated.
By 5 weeks they are spending 15 minute sessions in a small puppy crate 2 – 3 times daily. The social and environmental exposure continues to increase throughout the puppies stay at AKP.

As the puppies grow they continue to become more confident in different environments. They are exposed to many different real life scenarios: different types of open and closed stairwells, different slick surfaces, confined and crowded areas, noisy spaces.

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