ATL King Pits’ Queens: XXL Female Blue Pitbulls

ATL’s Queen Mama

Mama is our eldest female that isn’t retired. She brings a lot to the table as a female. We are big believers in our females be as good or better quality than … continue reading

ATL’s Queen Lilah

Lilah is a true beauty and beast. She is layered with muscle and has the absolute best front end that I’ve ever seen in a female. She is a direct comet  … continue reading

ATL’s Queen Livi

Livi is another ATL production. She is almost an exact clone of her mother. She has that insane front end with the crazy muscle tone as well. Although Livi  … continue reading

ATL’s Queen Chase

Chase is Swag production and like her and and brothers, she has a huge done with a powerful structure. We are excited to see what her productions …. continue reading